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We build up a multi-path intelligent platform for medical reservations.

  • .       Phone appointment

  • .       Spot appointment

  • .       Intranet appointment

  • .       Intranet appointment

  • .       External internet appointment

  • .       Wechat appointment

    .       Test appointment

    .       Cell phone APP appointment

    .       Palpay appointment

    .       Group consultation appointment

    • Medical Staff Source are fully open, make an appointment in the platform of real-time data sharing.

    • Establish “first diagnosis responsibility system” to correct the triage error in time.

    • Flexible ways to make easier access to see senior famous experts.

    • An appointment could Appointment could be accurate to exact time and machine type, so as to shorten the patients’ waiting time.

    • Greatly improved the environment of Public Waiting Area for medical treatment.

    • Avoid tossing back and forth in the hospital.

    • Using social resources to achieve a win-win situation.

    • More expert medical consultations are available.

    • Each step has a reminding message/small notes.

    • The whole treatment process could be done within 30 minutes.

    • Effect of reservation implementation.


    We also provide “One-Stop Service” in Physician Workstation.

    • .       Settle payment in the clinic room

    • .       Reservation for subsequent visit, or for special consultation

    • .       Reservation for auxiliary examination


    Advantages of implementing ID real-name authentication reservation

    Real-name authentication system can reserve patients' health information for ever
    Provide ID for withdrawing cash prepayment can ensure capital security
    Avoid fraudulent selling of expert registered ticket by lawbreakers
    Physician registration are open to all, and realize data Real-time sharing in reservation platform
    Reservation is specific to minute, to clinic room, in order to reduce patient’s waiting time in lines