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International Cooperation CenterPartner
Translational Medicine InstituteLUND University, Sweden
Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory on Aging and Neurological DiseasesUniversity of North Texas,US
Biomedical BIG Data CenterUniversity of Minnesota,US
Precision Medical CenterMayo Clinic ,US
Queensland University of Technology,Australia
Sino-American Islet Transplantation CenterUniversity of Pennsylvania ,US
Sino-America Thyroid
Tumor Research Institute
Johns Hopkins University, US
Tumor Immunology and Cell Therapy CenterDUKE University,US
Sino-American Institute of InflammationFlorida State University,US
Sino-America Institute of Digestive DiseasesVirginia Commonwealth University,US
Sino-America Pediatric Research InstituteUniversity Of Louisville,US
Minimally Invasive Surgery CenterAlbert Einstein College of Medicine Einstein,US
Sino-Canadian Joint Heart CenterSt. Paul's Hospital and Vancouver General Hospital,CA