Overview_The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University


“what impressed me most is the excellent order presented in a hospital with more than 10000 patients per day and 100000 inpatients per year. Thanks to the process re-engineering, the construction of information infrastructure and the  improvement of service mode,70% of the 3 million outpatients achieve their reservation without bothering to visit the hospital. Probably the reservation performance come off best in China. ”

“During the process of realizing our nation’s great re-juvenation, we will take the advantage of our health dream to facilitate the Chinese dream by establishing world first class medical and health system. We will not only build up world first class hardware and information management system shown in this hospital, but also build up top network among basic medical and health institutions to realize effective interaction among larger hospitals.”

By Chen Zhu, Chair of the Committee of the National People’s Congress,
 former minister of the National Healthcare and Family Planning Commission,
in May, 2014.

“We are devoting to achieve a process transformation based on Informationization, rather than  an Informationization for the obsolete process.”

Visits of domestic and overseas counterparts in latest three years reached 1500 times.

New Medical Experience of "Zero-Waiting-Duration" : the whole treatment process could be done within 30 minutes, and each step has a reminding message to patients, cellphone.

The impact of information technology on human career and life is profound,as well as a bottom up change to healthcare industry, while with Human first as the constant law!