Overview_The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

As the largest teaching hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, FHWMU is also known as the First Clinical Medicine School of Wenzhou Medical University(FCMS). It is a home to more than 3000 undergraduate students, 923 graduate students and 534 international students, offering a variety of training programs and courses at all levels and training the next generation of health professionals within the realm of community health and primary care.

Postdoctoral Training Program
Clinical Medicine
Doctoral Degree Program
Clinical Medicine
Master's Degree Programs
(# Academic degree * Professional degree)
Clinical Medicine # *
Biomedical Engineering #*
Nursing #
Preclinical Medicine #
Pharmacy #
Dental Medicine*
Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine*
Bachelor's Degree Programs

International Programs
We are providing various courses in English for international students from 30 countries. Total duration for them to obtain MBBS degree is 6 years that involves half a year of Chinese language learning, 4.5 years of course work and one year of compulsory rotating clinical internship training.

First School of Clinical Medicine have established Joint Doctoral Program with universities oversea such as LUND UNIVERSITY, Sweden. And our medical students could also pursue further education or attend training programs oversea with Universities and Colleges cooperated with WMU.
We are offering Internship for International Students in diverse areas:
1.University of Queensland, Australia since 2001
2.University of New South Wales, Australia since 2001
3.Graz Medical University, Austria since 2002
4.Cairo University, Egypt since 2009
5.Ohio State University, USA since 2010