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Indoor Navigation System
The hospital facilitated with 18 escalators and 96 elevators is too large to find the way, so there are 17 indoor navigation system developed by our hospital installed in different floors of the Outpatient Center for helping in figuring out one’s path to the destination.


Outpatient Service
Medical Card Application

Case History

Appointment with Doctors

Sign In

Cash Deposits

Unionpay Card Transfer Deposit


Report Printing

Patients Guide Printing

Cash Deposits and Info Checking

Canteen Consumption

Outpatient Satisfaction Survey


Hospital Service

Prepaid Transfer&In Hospital

Unionpay Prepaid Transfer&In Hospital

Hospital Charge Checking

Daily Listing Fees Checking&Printing

Hospital Charge Summary Checking&Printing

Hospital Balance Transfer to Medical Card

Inpatient Satisfaction Survey


Automatic Tablet Dispensing & Packaging System

Drug for Infusion could be got in a Pharmacy Division next to Infusion Room by Medical Card, and transported from the Pharmacy Division to the Infusion Room without bothering patients.


Smartphone Outpatient Clinics

Based on Family Physician concept, doctors can check the patients through their cellphones anytime and anywhere.

Explore “Post-treatment Service” and “Video Medical” to extend medical information system to the digital terminal of doctors and patients, achieving whole zero-distance medical service system.

Functions Covering:

      Diagnosis, Doctor orders,

      Special prosecutor appointment,

      Outpatient appointment,

      View medical records,

      Check infectious  diseases report card, etc.


Mobile Clinic

Onsite Hospital

Mobile Patients Round(Laptop、PAD)

Mobile Nursing(PDA)


Offsite Hospital

Mobile APP(Inpatient doctor version& personal version)



Internet Computer &Smartphone(Desk-Cloud)


Bedside Ipad

By installing ipad for inpatients, there comes more smooth communication between patients and doctors:

Communication Contents are synchronous on Alipay and WeChat.

Through WeChat, Alipay and website , achieve active communication, health counseling, health assessment, medical consultation, mobile health services ...

Pre-treatment patients can log in their symptoms and upload relevant pics; In-hospital they can check medical info , upload treatment experience and surf the internet.

Apply to join patients group to share treatment experiences with other patients.

Achieve patients transfer within different grade of hospitals, through desk-cloud and doctor-patient communication platform.




Auto multi-functional self-service system

280 Multifunctional kiosks developed by hospital and serviced by 6 banks, are easy accessible everywhere in the hospital, therefore achieving full self-care.
Banks well solve the cash transfer issue.

The 7th generation of self-service machine from independent research was independently developed by our hospital with proprietary intellectual property rights.
Introducing 280 multi-functional self-service automated machines on site, with various IT models developed by FHWMU including medical card application, medical records reapplication, reservation, payment, deposit, refund, diagnostic reports printing, medical professionals information searching.