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Key Disciplines
National TCM key disciplineClinical Pharmacology Of Tcm,Clinical Science Of Integrative Medicine
Zhejiang key disciplineSurgery
Zhejiang medical key disciplineNeurology,Obstetrics & Cynecology,General Surgery,Clinical Nutriology,Respiratory Medicine,Clinical Toxicology,Microneurosurgery
Zhejiang provincial key discipline of collegesNeurobiology,Critical Illness&Disaster Rescue Medicine,Clinical Science Of Integrative Medicine,Internal Medicine,Surgery,Obstetrics & Gynecology,Neurology
Zhejiang Provincial TCM Key DisciplineCritical Medicine Of Integrative Medicine,Anesthesiology Of Integrative Medicine
Zhejiang Provincial TCM Key DisciplineTraditional Chinese Gastric Cancer Prevention & Treatment,Traditional Chinese Rheumatism Discipline,Traditional Chinese Rheumatism Famous Discipline
Zhejiang provincial demonstrated TCM disciplineTCM