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Nuclear Medicine

    The Department of Nuclear Medicine, formerly known as the Department of Nuclear Medicine of Wenzhou Medical University, was established in 1983.

    The department now is equipped with multiple advanced instruments including the latest 16 row SPECT/CT (Discovery NM/CT 670, GE company, the United States), thyroid iodine absorption function tester, medical radionuclide activity meter, surface pollution monitor, environmental pollution monitor, personal dosimeter, radionuclide Iodine 131 sub-instrument, radionuclide storage fume hood and other necessary supplies for radiation protection.

    We provide many kinds of medical service, including radionuclide imaging and functional examination for almost all organs by using SPECT as well as radionuclide therapy using various radionuclides. The thyroid imaging, renal dynamic imaging, renal static imaging, whole body bone imaging, myocardial perfusion imaging, pulmonary perfusion imaging, gastrointestinal bleeding imaging, ectopic gastric mucosal imaging, hepatobiliary dynamic imaging, etc,are routinely carried out in our department. For radionuclide therapy, we provide many kinds of programs such as 131I treatment for hyperthyroidism, 89Sr treatment for tumor bone metastases, 125I particle implantation treatment for malignant tumors, etc.

    Our department also undertakes a large number of nuclear medicine teaching tasks each year, including the Nuclear Medicine for more than 800 undergraduate students majored in clinical medicine, Imaging Nuclear Medicine for about 150 undergraduates majored in medical radiology, Nuclear Medicine for more than 100 overseas students and Nuclear Medicine Imaging technology for students majored in Medical Imaging Technology, etc. 

    There are 7 staff members in the department, including one assistant professor, two attending physicians, two technicians and two nurses. In the department, three staff have master degrees, and two of them are Ph.D. candidates.