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Infectious Diseases

Department of Infectious Diseases (Hepatology Centre) specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases and liver diseases nationwide, such as fever of unknown origin, central nervous system infection, deep fungal infection, liver injury of unknown origin, and hepatic failure, etc. We are the first to apply the technology of stem cell transplantation for the end-stage liver disease in China, which brought a visibly decrease in mortality, and numerous patients have benefited from it. We also pioneered the liver biopsy in Zhejiang province, which significantly increased the accuracy of the judgement of therapeutic schedule of chronic liver diseases by histological assessment, especially in patients with normal serum alanine aminotransferase levels. In addition to the traditional areas of research, including liver fibrosis, liver failure, viral hepatitis, and bacterial drug resistance, recently, the fatty liver disease has been another focused research direction, which has been funded by National Science Foundation of China. All the above achievements, thanks to our unremitting efforts for decades, have helped us gain so many honors, including Zhejiang key discipline of infectious diseases, Wenzhou key laboratory of herpetology, Wenzhou center of diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases, doctor training station of Wenzhou Medical University. Moreover, in our hospital, the department of infectious diseases was awarded as a model team because of the nice comments from patients in the diagnosis and treatment of liver fibrosis, cirrhosis, fatty liver disease and fever of unknown origin. In addition, the department has been nominated as one of the A-grade training center of National key clinical specialty, and has been playing a leading role in our hospital due to the prominent scientific research strength in the last three years.

We also have won many awards in recent years. The experimental and clinical research about the autologus bone marrow stem cell transplantation for the end-stage liver disease was rated the second prize of Zhejiang Science and Technology Progress Award due to the remarkable curative effect. Several other provincial scientific and technological innovation awards in medicine and health, and municipal science and Technology awards have been rewarded. During the 12th and 13rd five-year plan period, we partially undertook the national key Science &Technology Special Projects to establish the program for the prevention or reversion of chronic hepatitis B (CHB)-related liver fibrosis with the aim to decrease the incidence of liver cirrhosis and its complications. We successfully established hepatic failure warning model, by which the early identification and treatment of liver failure was easily performed, and thus the mortality from liver failure was reduced from 70% to 35%. The achievements were recognized as a key technology innovation in wenzhou. We have used the artificial liver support system to treat liver failure since 1997, and have accumulated rich experience, by which innumerable patients survived through the waiting period of liver transplantation, and thereby avoided death.

Apart from these, we also opened the specialty clinics, including fatty liver disease clinic, nucleoside-experienced clinic, and liver fibrosis clinic, etc to make the diagnosis and treatment of patients more targeted.    There are a galaxy of talents in our department, and the talent echelon is very reasonable. We have a team of experienced medical and nursing staffs, and all are voluntary for serving patients with exquisite medical technology. Two doctors were selected in Zhejiang province's "Thousand Talents Program"--The Recruitment Program of Global Experts; One doctor was selected as a Zhejiang Provincial Health Innovation Talents; Professor Chen Yong-ping, the director of department, was honored as the Leader of the Academic Discipline in Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou Outstanding Talented Person, the First Level Talent of Wenzhou "551 Talent Engineering"; and he is also a doctoral and post-doctoral supervisor, top teacher in Zhejiang, and famous doctor in Wenzhou. In a word, the overall strength of our department takes the lead in China.

All the member of our department would like to offer high-quality service for each patient with the concept of "a high technology and good curative effect".