Radiology_Clinical Departments_The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

The department of Radiology was founded as X-ray room, which was divided into X-ray and CT divisions in 1986, MRI division was set up in 1994 and DSA division in 1996. Since 2011, the department of Radiology includes the division of X-ray and CT, divisions of MR and PET/CT.

Director of the department: Xiangwu Zheng   
Deputy Director: Jiance Li, Yunjun Yang, Guoquan Cao, Wenhao Hu

Director of the X-ray and CT division: Yunjun Yang     
Deputy Director: Guoquan Cao   
Senior Medical Technologist: Xianzhong Guo

Director of the MRI division: Jiance Li      
Senior Medical Technologist: Xindong Wen

Director of the PET-CT division: Xiangwu Zheng     
Deputy Director: Zhiqian Wang  
Senior Medical Technologist: Yangzong Chen

There are 138 staff members in the department, including 8 professors, 1 doctoral supervisor and 5 master supervisors. Three are members of the National Professional Academic Association, two are Vice Chairmen of Provincial Professional Academic Association and one is the Chairman of the Municipal Academic Association. One was selected in the Chinese Medical Association Talent Climbing Program, one was selected as Young College Academic Leaders of Zhejiang Province, one was selected as Innovative Health Talent of Zhejiang Province, two were awarded as the 551 Talent Project with the First level of Wenzhou.

The department is equipped with many advanced imaging devices, including 5 MR, 9 CT machine, 1 PET/CT, 2 digital gastrointestinal machines, 7 DR machines, 2 breast DR machines, 2 dual energy bone density instrument and 3 mobile DR, in which the 3.0T MR machine, 640 layer CT machine, gem energy spectrum CT machine and PET / CT machine are world-class advanced imaging equipment.