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Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

The Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

    There are 142 beds in the department, with 27 RICU beds, and 3 wards. The department has the key laboratory of molecular biology of traditional chinese medicine of Zhejiang Province, the key Laboratory of respiratory and circulation in Wenzhou, respiratory cell room, respiratory endoscopy room, pulmonary function room and sleep monitoring room . There are 7 professors and senior physicians, 12 associate senior physicians, 14 attending physicians, 11 resident doctors and 64 nurses, 2 doctoral tutors and 7 master tutors.

    Our scientific research focuses on the prevention and treatment of pulmonary hypertension, the clinical and basic research of pulmonary infection and acute lung injury and COPD. In addition, our staff who carried out the research of the molecular mechanism of Staphylococcus aureus, won the first prize of the Chinese Medical Science and Technology Award in 2011 and the first prize of the Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Award. In 2017, as chief scientist of National Ministry of Science and Technology in 13th Five-Year Project, our department staff launched a research focusing on the risk factors, pathogenesis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease based on clinical bioinformatics. Since 2008, our team have applied for 9 National Natural Science Funds, 10 provincial and ministerial projects, and published more than 200 papers.

    The department also has advantages on dealing with lung cancer and interventional pulmonary techniques, and respiratory critical diseases. It ranks the forefront in the field of interventional pulmonary techniques in China.

    All of the following bronchoscopy techniques are routinely carried out: fluorescence bronchoscopy, rigid bronchoscopy, EBUS-TBNA, BAL, TBLB, CT-guided lung biopsy, medical thoracoscopy, rapid on site cytology technology(ROSE); Placement of airway silicone and metal stent, laser and APC treatment of airway obstruction, cryotherapy, bronchoscopic balloon dilatation, airway foreign body removal, hemoptysis transbronchoscopic balloon occlusion, endobronchial valve implantation in non-homogeneous emphysema and so on.

    We also pay attention to academic exchanges and teaching. National continuing education program "progress of pulmonary disease", "forum of lung cancer and interventional pulmonology" and "diagnosis and treatment on the severe pulmonary infection" attract domestic doctors and nurses to participate in them.

    The Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine is the medical center, responsible for providing health care service for people in southern Zhejiang and northern Fujian province.