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Plastics Surgery

Plastics Surgery is the deputy director of committee member units of Zhejiang Medical Association medical aesthetics and cosmetology branch, and is the director committee member units of Wenzhou medical association medical aesthetics and cosmetology branch, and is the professional expert unit of Wenzhou Medical accident appraisal center.

Our department was established in 1987, and is the earliest cosmetic surgery in Wenzhou. Relying on the strong strength of the general hospital medical hairdressing center, after years of development, we have the first-class equipments and instruments. Our department took the leading in the city to carry out the CO2 laser and cold therapy. Then successfully carry out the rhytidectomy of the whole face, total nasal reconstruction, osteotomy, and difficult surgery like Gigantic narrowing. Cooperation with Beijing plastic surgery hospital, first in successfully carried out the surgery of the whole ears reconstruction. We have formed our own characteristics in our business, like nose plastic, eyes plastic, breast augmentation, and micro plastic injection , which have reached to the national advanced level.

Our department has a rigorous diligent professional team, with a number of senior titles cosmetic surgery experts, and has a number of medical doctors and masters, and has a number of professional appraisal experts in Wenzhou Medical accident appraisal center. Some of our doctors undertake and completed a number of national and provincial research project, and carry out academic exchanges and cooperation at home and abroad actively. We have published several articles in influential journals at home and abroad.

We have committed to the introduction of the latest cosmetic surgery technology and communication, aimed to the modern medical science and technology, applied the medical technology to medical hairdressing. In recent years, our doctors who with full enthusiasm, rigorous attitude, correct aesthetic and medical adept cosmetic surgery technology successfully completed thousands of cosmetic surgery cases each year. Aesthetic seeking patients are not only come from Fujian, Zhejiang, but also come from France, Canada, New Zealand and other parts of the world. With tent of "first-class technology, first-class equipment, first-class service" ,we will provide all asthetic seeking patients the most professional and personalized service.