Pediatric_Clinical Departments_The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

1、The pediatric department was found in the 1950s. In the 1980s, the whole department was moved, which culminated in the establishment of the (2nd Affiliated Hospital's) Wenzhou Medical College Yuying Children's Hospital. Since 2003, the Departments of Pediatrics have gradually been rebuilt. The Neonatal Department was the first department to be rebuilt.

2、The Neonatal Department and Obstetrics department together established a new mode, Perinatal medicine, greatly reduced the rate of neonatal asphyxia, and the survival rate of very low and extremely low birth weight infants occupy the first place throughout the country.
3、The department is one of the first ones at Wenzhou to have launched early diagnosis of retinopathy of premature infants and ABR hearing screening, thus reducing disabilities effectively and ensure a higher quality of life for the children.

4、The department was equipped with a vast array of medical facilities, such as imported central monitors, ventilators, incubators, far infrared rescue stations, phototherapy instruments and newborn hearing screening instrument,bedside x tablet machine.

5、The unit gained the “youth civilization title of Wenzhou City” in 2005, and gained “youth civilization title of Zhejiang Province” in 2008.

6、In 2011, the unit was awarded the title of “Zhejiang Provincial pediatric residency training base”, thus becoming the unit to train and identify professional skills for pediatrician in Southern Zhejiang province.
7、2013,re-establish Children's Center;including NICU(20 beds) ,Neonatal department(60 beds),child health care,General pediatrics(50 beds),Hematology and Oncology,PICU(8 beds),Emergency department ,Child surgery and so on.

8、We have active domestic and international academic communication.for example,we actively attending domestic and international academic conferences and continuing education classes, residents are sent to the advanced Children's Hospital to have further study,we invited Italian experts to give us systemic lectures for how to establish PICU,and so on.