Ophthalmology_Clinical Departments_The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

    The department of ophthalmology was founded in 1950s. There are currently 17 ophthalmologists including 6 senior physicians and professors, 4 associate senior physicians and associate professors, 9 with master's degree and 2 with doctor’s degree. The department includes 10 consulting rooms, 6 auxiliary examination rooms, 43 inpatient beds and 3 operation rooms which contains 2 for inpatient surgeries and 1 for outpatient surgeries. Approximately 300 patients are received daily in the outpatient clinic. Approximately 3500 surgeries are performed each year. The advanced medical equipments include: 1 Topcon Phoropter unit, 4 sets of Zeiss, Leica and “Suzhou 66” surgical microscopes, 2 Alcon phacoemulsification units, 1 Alcon Accurus 23-Gauge vitrectomy unit, 1 Alcon Constellation 25-Gauge vitrectomy & phacoemulsification combo unit, 2 YAG Laser and Fundus laser units, 1 cornea topography system, 1 Stratus OCT and 1 Ultrasonic Bio-Microscope, as well as a Topcon fundus & anterior segment camera, an automatic perimeter, 4 non-contact tonometers, 2 ophthalmic ultrasonic A/B scan systems, etc. All of the above instruments have attained high technological level internationally.

    The department has also been awarded more than 10 prizes, including one national prize and various types of provincial and ministerial prizes for its researches and inventions in ophthalmology. Many articles have been published in the world renowned magazines such as“Journal of Glaucoma”, “Eye” and “Chinese Journal of Ophthalmology”.