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Nutritional Sciences

The Nutritional Sciences Dept. has 11 professionals including 3 middle and senior  titles. One of the personnels is Master of Medicine, four with university degree. The department is responsible for dieting thousands of patients with nutrition related diseases such as diabetes mellitus, dominus merborum, kidney disease and so on and provides health guidance.

The department also provides nutritional advice on various nutrition related diseases for outpatients all-year. These patients can benefit from the individual guidance including antisecosis, lifestyle changes and so on. At present, most of admissions are the patients with gestational diabetes mellitus. Through working in close collaboration with obstetrical department, a one-day clinic for patients with gestational diabetes mellitus has been established. In the clinic, the patients not only can attend lectures on the diagnosis and treatment of gestational diabetes mellitus, learn knowledge of arranging diet and exercise reasonable, and also taste nutritional diet tailored to themselves. Because of relaxed atmosphere and theory and practice combination method, the one-day clinic has good curative effect and been favourably commented by the patient.