Neurosurgery_Clinical Departments_The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

It was found in 1975. With 30 years of development, Neurosurgery is beginning to be one of the largest neurosurgical centers in southeast of China. Moreover, Neurosurgery is one of the first key medical disciplines, the top priority discipline in Zhejiang and key discipline in Wenzhou. Approximately 4000 patients are treated, and more than 2300 major surgical procedures (including 1500 craniotomies and 800 endovascular procedures) are performed each year.

We Now have 28 neurosurgeons including 8 chief physicians, 5 associate chief physicians, 9 attending physicians and 5 residents. Of whom, 3 are member of the Chinese Association of Neurosurgeons, and 2 ‘151’ talents and 5 ‘551’ talents respectively are affiliated to Zhejiang and Wenzhou government. We have 3 dedicated operating rooms and 128 beds including 28 for neurological intensive care units. We not only provide the neurosurgical treatment services, but also supervise many neuroscience researches funded by the national and local government. The department is equipped with the best outstanding medical instrument in the world. We have an expert teamwork and provide the best possible diagnosis and treatment of neurologic disorders of the brain and spine.

In Our department, We now have Neuronavigation, FMRI, as image-guided surgery to accurately locate, remove or otherwise treat brain tumors including microscopic and endoscopic surgery. We also carry out 1).Intracranial vascular surgery: Vascular disorders including cerebral aneurysms, brain or spinal arteriovenous malformations, and hemangiomas. 2). Surgical treatment for functional disorders including  epilepsy,trigmnal neuralgia and hemifacial spasm. And Treatment of brain trauma, Surgical treatment of complex skull base tumor , Carotid artery surgery and endovascular treatment, Pediatric neurosurgery, Surgery for pituitary tumors, Surgical treatment of other diseases including hydrocephalous and Chiari malformation.