Neurology_Clinical Departments_The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

It was established in 1978. The neurologic discipline is the first batch of key medica disciplines in Zhejiang province and the third batch of key disciplines of Zhejiang government.In 2001 it was approved for national pharmaceutical clinical research base and first batch of training centers for diplomates from health ministry.Furthermore the neurology master degree granting point of Wenzhou medical college was approved in 2003, as well the doctor degree granting point was approved in 2010.At present, the department is comprised of twenty-five staffs with three chief physicians,five associate chief physicians,nine attending physicians and seventeen medical masters.Recently with the development of basic medicine and related technology,the construction of discipline become more meticulous and thorough.As a result,Neurology department is now devided into the department Ⅰ and department Ⅱ.The clinical projects of neurology department Ⅱ are aimed at five subspecialties,which are the autonomic or inflammatory disorders of nervous system,cerebrovascular diseases,movement disorders and degenerate diseases,neuromuscular disease and peripheral neuropathy,and neurologic critical care.The departmentⅡis equipped with more than 80 hospital beds as well as related clinical examination and laboratory,including neuropathological, biochemical, immunological and cell molecular biological examination, electroencephalo-graph (EEG) and transcranial doppler sonography (TCD).It also has almost 10 neurological policlinic for specific diseases,including secondary prevention of stroke for health ministry,chronic pain and headache for Chinese medical doctor association,mutiple  sclerosis and other demyelinating diseases,myasthenia gravis,Parkinson’s disease and movement disorders,peripheral neuropathy and muscular disease and so on.