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Hand Surgery

It was established in October, 2003, and the department of hand surgery was constructed in August, 2013. At present, this department has 28 hospital beds and 4 medical professionals (post doctor in traditional Chinese medicine 1; senior title, 2; intermediate title, 1; primary title, 1). In this department, three subspecialties including peripheral nerve injury and limb function reconstruction, upper limb bone and joint injury, tissue transplantation and replantation are established. In addition, the clinical transformation base of national engineering technology research center of drug development, training base of vacuum sealing drainage (VSD) technology, and Asian training center of AO hand internal fixation (sub-center in Wenzhou) exist in this department.

The discipline leader of this department is Jian Wang, who graduated from Shanghai Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, as a post doctor. Wang’s tutors are Yudong Gu (academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences) and Jie Lao (professor), the famous experts in hand surgery. The titles for Wang are as follows: chairman of department of hand surgery, secretary of CPC in department of orthopedics, member of Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Wenzhou city; member of the standing committee of wound healing society in Chinese medical association, member of flap surgery group of Chinese repair and reconstruction association, member of hand surgery society in six provinces and one city in east China, member of Zhejiang hand surgery and microsurgery association, vice chairman of Wenzhou hand surgery association, editor and reviewer of Chinese Journal of Transplantation and Chinese Tissue Engineering Research, and editor of Chinese Journal of Laboratory Diagnostics.

Until now this department has received about 10000 person times of outpatient in each year, with average 1000 cases of surgery in each year. The surgeries involve multi-finger replantation, complex severed finger replantation, severed wrist and palm replantation, brokeback replantation, and local and distant skin flap transplantation. In addition, this department can implement phase I repair and functional rehabilitation for complicated hand injury. It has independently completed brachial plexus injury repair, simple neurolysis, neuroanastomosis, phrenic nerve displacement and superior trunk nerve anastomosis, and contralateral C7 nerve root transposition. The number of surgical cases of peripheral nerve injury repair and functional reconstruction is in the forefront in Zhejiang province. At present, the focused direction of specialty is upper extremity surgery, which is concentrated in biological repair of upper limb bone and joint injuries. This department has firstly used minimally invasive technology and adsorbable screw in treatment of wrist, elbow and shoulder joint fracture in China.

In May, 2005, this department successfully implemented the first case of artificial interphalangeal joint replacement in south Zhejiang. In July, 2011, this department successfully completed the first case of coated artificial blood vessel implantation with subclavian artery injury repair in China. Recently, this department firstly applies MRI (3.0T) to diagnosis of brachial plexus and peripheral nerve injury and related clinical research studies in China, and actively participates in the preparatory preparation for establishment of the first domestic neurosurgery treatment center in the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University.
This department has presided 1 national research program, 1 Zhejiang natural science foundation program and 4 bureau-level research programs. In addition, this department has participated in 2 NSFC programs. The total research funding is more than 1 million RMB. This department has published 4 SCI papers and more than 20 Chinese papers on association of Chinese medicine journals and domestic core journals.