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Gastrointestinal Surgery

Gastrointestinal (GI) Surgery is a core component of the Division of General Surgery, the key discipline of Zhejiang Provincial Education Department, Led by Prof. GuanBao Zhu.

We mainly provide comprehensive diagnosis, management and follow-up of surgical disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. There are more than 500 stomach cancer and 300 colorectal cancer patients received surgical treatment annually in our department. And standard gastric cancer tissue library has established in our department. The general surgeons have special expertise in neoadjuvant chemotherapy and surgical management of gastric and colorectal cancers, target therapy and surgical management of GIST, comprehensive treatment of constipation, hernia,intestinal obstruction and fistula. Most surgeries are performed laparoscopically using minimally invasive techniques.And perioperative nutritional support therapy and related basic research have been made remarkable achievements, the discipline level ranks the leading level in Zhejiang province.We emphasizes a collaborative team approach allowing accurate diagnoses and surgical intervention in an efficient and timely manner. The general surgeons communicate closely with other specialists involved in the care of surgical patients.

GI Surgery has 142 fixed beds, 25 doctors including 12 with senior titles, 12 with master's degree, 4 with PhD, 1 doctor instructor, 6 master instructors. Our faculty members are active in clinical and basic science research projects and we currently have 2 National natural science foundations, 6 provincial natural science foundations and more than 20 other research protocols. Our team also have published more than 30 SCI papers and 8 monographs. We mainly research the correlation of gastric cancer and HPV, EBV and mycoplasma infections,tumor vaccine, micro-RNA of gastric cancer, and nutrition-related basic research.