Gastroenterology_Clinical Departments_The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

It has the biggest platform in Southern of Zhejiang and Northern Fujian Province for the diagnosis and treatment of digestive system disease, endoscopic examination and interventional therapy. Also it is the center for medical treatment, teaching and scientific research, responsible for diagnosis、treatment and rescue work of difficult miscellaneous and critically ill patients. Furthermore, it is in charge of training program on international students, undergraduates, postgraduates and refresher doctors. It has become the key discipline of the First Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, National Specialists Training Center and is one of the Clinical Test Units on Digestive Disease Drugs which identified by SFDA. In 1995, the first GI Department was entitled "Wenzhou Digest Branch Center " by Zhejiang Province Digest Center.

At present, we host 99 beds and usage rate per bed is more than 100%. In the first  half year of 2013 our outpatient number exceeds 69590. Our powerful medical team and technical staffs are consist of overall 32 doctors, in which contains 5 Professors of Medicine, 9 Associate Chief Physicians or Associate Professors, 5 visiting staffs or lecturers, 3 Master's Supervisors. 2 staffs hold PHD and 23 staffs own Master Degree.

In recent years, we has made remarkable achievements in digestive diseases research, and acquired the Ministry of Health Research and Special Funds, the provincial Natural Science Foundation, Provincial Department of Science and Technology Fund and the major project of Science and Technology Bureau Foundation of Wenzhou city just in past three years, totaling more than 10 projects. Nearly 100 papers have been published, containing 20 China series and 10 SCI series. 6 books or works were edited or participated. The department also awarded second prize of Zhejiang Medicines Health Science and Technology Progress Award and a number of other ministers and municipal honors.

With regard to academic status, our department now has 1 digestive branch member of Chinese Medical Association and 1 member of Chinese Medical Association IBD study group, intestinal disease study group, national committee of the elderly digestive endoscopy study group, national committee of Endoscopy and Tumor Experts Collaboration Commission in Digestion Professional Committee of Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine, respectively. We also have 1 member as vice chairman of the digestive branch of Zhejiang Medical Association, vice president of the digestive branch of Zhejiang Medical Doctor Association, vice chairman of the digestive branch of Zhejiang Association of Integrative Medicine, vice chairman of Zhejiang Nautical Medicine Branch, deputy head of the cooperative research group of Zhejiang fatty liver diseases, respectively. 1 committee of digestive branch of provincial internal medicine, youth committee of provincial digestive branch for each, and 1 honorary chairman, chairman, vice chairman of Wenzhou Medical Association Gastroenterology branch for each, 1 vice chairman of Wenzhou Psychosomatic Medicine branch. We have editors participated in many magazines such as <Chinese Journal of Digestion>, <Chinese Journal of Internal Medicine>, <Gastroenterology>, <Medical Review>, <Wenzhou Medical College Journal> et al. Our department has successfully hosted Zhejiang Digestion Annual Meeting, the National Conference of Early Gastric Cancer, the National Elderly Digestive Endoscopy Conference and the Third Hercynian Digestion Forum in succession.

Discipline main direction:
(1) diagnosis and treatment for gastrointestinal neoplasm;
(2) Molecular Hepatology and pharmacology;
(3) diagnosic and therapic endoscopy;
(4) diagnosis and treatment of chronic liver disease, cirrhosis and portal hypertension;
(5) dynamics of digestive tract; the relationship between hormones and digestive diseases;
(6) diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic diseases.

Over the years, the outpatients of gastroenterology and the treatment capacity of endoscopic examination are both champions in Zhejiang province. Thus our colleagues of the First Department of Gastroenterology have completed a huge outpatients job, accumulated rich clinical experience, and upgraded greatly in academic. Besides, the department carried out a large number of academic subjects with many domestic large hospitals and academic institutions jointly, and conducted depth explorations and researches in today’s hot issues of gastroenterology, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease, chronic atrophic gastritis, helicobacter pylori-associated gastric disease, fatty liver disease, early gastrointestinal tumors, functional gastrointestinal disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, etc. And enteral nutrition therapy in severe pancreatitis gained wonderful efficacy.

We have conducted extensively emergency endoscopy and varies endoscopic treatments, including esophageal varices sclerosis, ligation, polypectomy, local chemotherapy of gastric cancer, esophageal stricture dilatation, esophageal stenting and so on. Also, we have carried out pancreatic duct retrograde angiography, papillary muscle lithotomy, nasal biliary drainage, and bile duct stenting. Besides, endoscopic esophageal mucosal iodine staining, small intestine double contrast barium tube built under the guide of endoscopy and single-balloon enteroscopy clinic surgery have been conducted. In addition, we have developed ultrasound endoscopy, capsule endoscopy, gastric mucosal resection and dissection. And painless gastroscopy have also been conducted widely.

Since 2013, our department has become the unique department to carry out TIPS for portal hypertension in our province. This project rescues those patients with active upper gastrointestinal bleeding based on portal hypertension, who are classed as cirrhosis Child C. Moreover, We will carry out a lot of new technologies and new projects, such as a variety of treatments under the guide of B scan, radiofrequency ablation directed by endoscopy or X-rays soon.