Endocrinology_Clinical Departments_The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University

The department of endocrinology was founded in 1981. Now The it is a residents training center for endocrinologist and becomes the most important center for training endocrinology and metabolism in Southern Zhejiang Province and Northern Fujian Province. Many endocrinologists or general physician were trained here and are now leading their departments of Endocrinology and Metabolism in their institutions.

Currently, the department has 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 3 chief physicians, 5 associated chief physicians, 7 attending physicians, 1 senior technician, 1 junior technician and 24 specialist nurses in ward, among which there are 3 doctoral degree holders and 19 master degree holders. In the department there are 99 beds in the ward and nearly 400 patients per day in outpatient clinic. The bed number ranks No 1 in the whole Zhejiang Province.

Up to date, the department of metabolism and endocrinology has acquired 2 National Natural Science Foundation, 2 Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation, 2 clinical special funds from Chinese Medical Academy and more than 10 funds from the Science and Technology Bureau Foundation of Wenzhou City with total research funding more than 1 million RMB. We have published a series of outstanding articles, including 7 SCI papers with total impact factor >50.

Nowadays, the department of metabolism and endocrinology has successfully provided many featured clinical services, as listed below:

1  Standardized diabetes management center

The department is devised with 50 insulin pumps and 2 sets of real-time continuous glucose monitor system, which makes possible the real-time monitoring and handling of blood glucose change in diabetic patients.

2  Diabetic complication screening center

In the center, we have an ultrasonic Doppler blood flowmeter, mydriatic fundus camera (Canon), transcutaneous oxygen measurement, vibration-pressure threshold detector, diabetic foot disease diagnostic boxes and a series of advanced medical equipment for diabetes and its complications. The experienced endocrinologists equipped with these precise instruments can detect and properly treat diabetic complications as early as possible.
3  Multidisciplinary diabetic food management center

The multidisciplinary management model, co-operation jointly with a number of relevant disciplines makes the treatment of diabetic foot efficient, effective, and personalized. Especially, we applied autologous stem cell transplantation in the treatment of severe diabetic foot.  With our efforts, many diabetic foot patients were successfully prevented from amputation and also the total cost and hospitalized dates were greatly shorten.

4  Diagnosis and treatment center for thyroid diseases

In the center, we developed the leading technology of thyroid fine needle aspiration and cell pathology examination. Also the thermal ablation of thyroid nodules, a new minimally invasive surgical technique, is being processed to help corresponding patients recover quickly without leaving any scars.

5  Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Osteoporosis

Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Osteoporosis is among the first batch to be empowered as the collaboration diagnosis base, treatment base and quality control standard base of osteoporosis by the national public health bureau.

6. Diabetes education and nutrition counseling center

We have senior endocrinologists,special diabetes education nurses  and nutritionists to provide individualized nutrition and care seminars. The seminars are given once per week.