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Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery

Department of cardiovascular and thoracic surgery of the first hospital of Wenzhou medical university specialize in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of disorders of the heart, lung and chest. The department has more than 20 cardiac and thoracic surgeons on staff who have extensive experience in cardiac surgery and thoracic surgery. We emphasize an integrated team approach to providing the most appropriate treatment.

In 1990’s, We pioneered the surgical treatment of coronary heart disease in southern of Zhejiang Province, including pump coronary artery bypass grafting, off-pump bypass and emergency bypass. In recent years, more than 100 patients received this kind of operation every year.

Great vessle surgery has been carried out in the past ten years. For acute aortic dissection, total arch replacement and the modified elephant trunk inplacement has been performed routinly. Good results of the surgical treatment was obtained. Today, our department has became the only great vessel center of south Zhejiang and north Fujian area. More than 20 pateints were opereted every year.

Cardiac valve repair and replacement surgery has been carried out routinely, including the double valve replacement, the reoperational valve replacement, and the emergency valve replacement. Such as the treatments of congenital heart diseases of children and adults, our surgical treantment of atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, tetralogy of Fallot, double outlet right ventricle, pulmonary stenosis, Ebstein malformation and so on are very skillful and have good results. The minimaly invase cardiac surgery has been developed in resent years. The average annual cardiac surgery case were more than 300, and has a Very good momentum of growth.

The surgeries of lung, esophagus, and mediastinal were carried out routinely in our department. For lung cancers, the lung sleeve resection of lung cancer, multi-leaf segments forming carina, semi-carinal resection Pancost carcinectomy have been routinely conducted. In recent years, the neoadjuvant treatment of stage III lung cancer has been also developed and the lung cancer treatment has reached the domestic advanced level.

The thoracoscopic surgery has been introduced since 1990’s. In recent years, the resection of lung cancer, esophgeal cancer and the  treatment of palmar hyperhidrosis, pectus excavatum, and mediastinal tumor under thoracoscopic have been all carried out. The cases of thoracic surgery were more than 700 annually in resent years.