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Critical Care Medicine

As a general intensive care unit (ICU), the Department of critical care medicine was formally established in January 1996, with 12 beds at the beginning and then gradually developed into 16 beds plus 2 beds (transplant ward). After moving into the new hospital site in December 2012, the number of beds reached 50. ICU was recognized as the key support discipline of hospital in 2008, and now is the key construction academic subject (medical innovation) of Zhejiang province, and the quality control center of critical care medicine in Wenzhou. The department has a professional medical team, including one doctor tutor and professor, two Senior Physicians, five Associate Senior Physicians, five attending physicians, twenty resident physicians, and more than one hundred nurses. Among them, one obtained doctorate degree and twenty three got master degrees, and two are doing their master's degrees at present.

Since the establishment of the department of critical care medicine, ICU has been taking on the responsibilities of the rescue of critically ill and traumatic injuries in southern Zhejiang and northern Fujian. The department has 50 beds, and provides medical services for more than 2100 patients per year. ICU ward was the first laminar flow ward in Wenzhou, which contains four single rooms, four double rooms, and one negative pressure ward. The ward is equipped with a full set of Philips center monitoring system, all kinds of high-grade imported ventilators, multiple bedside blood purification devices, defibrillators, fibrotic bronchoscopies, ECG machines, temporary pacemakers, bedside blood gas analysis machines and color Doppler ultrasound machines and other advanced equipment. At present, ICU applied techniques including a variety of invasive and noninvasive breathing support technologies, percutaneous tracheotomy, continuous renal replacement therapy, mild hypothermia protection therapy, nutritional support treatment, procedural sedative analgesic treatment, ultrasound positioning central venous catheterization, pulse indicates continuous cardiac output monitoring (PiCCO), Swan-Gans hemodynamic monitoring, bedside pacing, electric defibrillation, electroversion, bronchoscopy alveolar lavage and aspiration, cardiopulmonary resuscitation technique, lung resuscitation technique, intraabdominal pressure monitoring technique and bedside heart ultrasonography, lung ultrasonography and abdominal ultrasonography. We obtained abundant clinical experience in the diseases of various types of shock, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, acute respiratory distress syndrome, severe infection, severe cerebrovascular accident, multiple trauma, severe brain injury, severe pregnancy, pulmonary embolism, pheochromocytoma, aortic dissection, malignant arrhythmia, organ transplantation, surgical postoperative care and other critical illness treatment. At the same time, as the disaster emergency treatment center, we also devote to various critically ill patients consultation tasks in the southern Zhejiang and northern Fujian, and all kinds of public health emergency rescue tasks.  

In addition, we conduct the clinical and fundamental research in our field, such as septic shock and hemorrhagic shock mechanism and protection research; the interaction of coagulation and inflammatory response in critical diseases; the cytokines, immune function changes and CRRT in the MODS; the study of myocardium, intestinal ischemia-reperfusion injury mechanism and protection research; immunization after transplantation, a variety of arrhythmia drug treatment evaluation. We have published more than 100 papers in the SCI and the Chinese Journal of medical journals, wrote 11 medical books and got a patent for utility models. We also has completed one national natural science fund project and the other one is in progress. We are carrying out one project funded by the natural science foundation of Zhejiang province for young scientists, four projects in provincial and ministry levels, and nearly 20 projects in bureau levels. ICU has won 2 third Prizes of Zhejiang Provincial People's Government Science and Technology Progress Award, 2 Second Prizes of Zhejiang medical and health science and technology progress Award, 1 Second Prize of Wenzhou Science and Technology Progress Award.  

The department also provide educational courses for the undergraduates, foreign students and postgraduates in "Community First Aid" and "Critical Care Medicine" of Wenzhou Medical University. We also organize national or provincial medical continuing education programs 2-3 times per year.    

The department has got tremendous achievements in hospital including the hospital advanced clinical departments, advanced party branch, resident standardized training with excellent teaching department, the 2014 provincial youth civilization, 2015 municipal women's civilization post and so on. All the medical staff in the Department of critical care medicine will keep passionate and pursue to provide better and higher technology services for numerous critically ill patients.