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Acupuncture Tuina and Physiotherapy

Our department is well-known in zhejiang traditional Chinese medicine.we set up rheumatology, stroke prevention and treatment specialist, neck, low back pain specialist, soft tissue injury specialist, sub-health care specialist, beauty specialist . we have acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, rehabilitation and physical therapy professional medical staff. now we have Professor of Treatment2, PhD 1. Master 7 Wenzhou famous traditional Chinese medicine doctor2,2staffs were slected 551 talent project" and "151" talent project , Department integrating medical scientific research and teaching. Increasing exchanges with foreign countries.

Rheumatism specialist is a provincial key specialty of traditional Chinese medicine, in view of the disease are: rheumatoid rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis gouty arthritis wind raw sex arthritis pain, etc.; Bone disease is refers to the neck, lumbar vertebrae disease and joint disease, such as cervical spondylosis lumbar disc periarthritis of shoulder tennis elbow knee joint bone hyperplasia temporal jaw arthritis, femoral head necrosis and joint injury and postoperative dysfunction, etc Treatment characteristics: using the latest painless acupuncture: abdominal acupuncture combined with Chinese acupoint sticking ,small needle knife therapy ,medicine steam, rheumatism arthritis intelligent moxibustion medicine, cake moxibustion insulation, fire needle, earpins, scalp needle, vacuum cutem ,point injection ,point embedded wire, Chinese medicine iontophoresis thermal ,laser tech,magnetic ,vibration massage traction therapy rehabilitation exercises and other characteristics, and use a variety of anti-rheumatism medicine prescriptions, targeted treatment is complete, not only control and change the condition, relieve joint dysfunction; The ability to work and restore the patient's life, improve the quality of life; Reduce morbidity and recurrence rate, achieve the purpose of cure.

Neck, waist and leg disease specialist for diseases is age-related neurological diseases such as neck, waist and leg pain, cervical spondylosis, cervical vertigo ,lumbar disc strain ,periarthritis of shoulder ,neck, back hip facilities, tennis elbow, knee joint bone hyperplasia, hemiplegia, sciatica , facial paralysis and various limb neurological damage, etc. Treatment mainly adopts acupuncture combined with traction treatment, curative effect is remarkable ,In recent five years, the college members to participate in the national subject 1 item, to preside over internal topic 2 items, to participate in internal topic 3 items, a provincial award, has published more than 20.

Rehabilitation specialist which using rehabilitation of traditional Chinese medicine ,acupuncture and massage ,physical therapy comprehensively treatment bone and cerebrovascular disease. Give full play to the advantage of combination of Chinese and western medicine for clinical services,

Acupuncture cosmetology specialty treatment obesity acne, pigmentation spots by acupuncture and Chinese medicine internal medicine.