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New hospital in Ouhai district  --  Construction area of 3,195,000 Square Foot    

The 3500-bed (more beds are to be available for public use) New Hospital is located in south Wenzhou with a construction area of 355,000 M2. It's facilitated with 18 escalators, 96 elevators, 280 multi-functional self-service machine, and 17 indoor navigation systems meeting multiple needs of patients. Another 200,000 M2 has been preserved for R&D as the second phase construction.

The Four-building complex is divided into three functional zones by two North-South Medical Streets (8-metre-wide & 15-metre-wide) throughout the construction, namely Outpatient Center, Imaging & Lab Center and Inpatient Center. It's further divided into Medical Sub-centers according to diseases and organs. The new hospital is facilitated with large windows to maximize light and views of nature, with a huge panoramic glass roof in the 2000 M2 Lobby. Our "Best practices" and "friendly environment" used to enhance patient care include the following highlights:

Outpatient Center

  • .       48645 M2

  • .       Integrated one stop service center: reception, question desk, consultation, booking, approval, medical records copying, social insurance, cash & refund etc.

  • .       Automated reservation machine: medical record application, medical records reissue, prepaid deposits, payment, medical guides printing, medical appointments, experts’ introduction etc.

  • .       Indoor navigation system

  • .       One-stop service

  • .       Automatic pill dispenser in pharmacy, and automatic pill divider in ward pharmacy

Inpatient Center

  • .       91860 M2

  • .       All wards are facing south with adjustable electric beds

  • .       Mobile inspection systems

  • .       Independent restroom for each ward with 24-hour hot water

  • .       Laminar flow operation room

  • .       Operation teaching system

  • .       Special wards for the disabled

Emergency Center

  • .       11000 M2

  • .       Independent Entrance & Exit for ambulance

  • .       Helipad near the ED to ease emergency transit

  • .       Complete pre-hospital and in-hospital first-aid system:

  • .       Observation room

  • .       Resuscitation Room

  • .       Emergency Ward

  • .       Trauma Surgery Ward

  • .       Emergency Intensive Care Unit (EICU)

Infection and Immunity Center

  • .       13353 M2

  • .       Independent from the main building, separate corridors for patients and medical staff, special operation theater, laundry etc., designed according to the Architectural design Code for infectious diseases hospital of the nation.


  • .       9710 M2

  • .       Embraced by waters and trees, with broad spaces and landscaped surroundings