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The First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University (FHWMU), founded in 1919, also known as the First Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Wenzhou, is an old general public tertiary hospital with sound reputation, encompassing prevention, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, research, and education. It's also the largest teaching hospital affiliated to Wenzhou Medical University(WMU), named as the First Clinical Medicine School of Wenzhou Medical University(FCMS), providing more choice, easier access and better care for an estimated 20 millions of people residing within Wenzhou city and its environs.

FHWMU has two hospital sites: old hospital in Lucheng district and new hospital in Ouhai district, with beds more than 3500 and construction area of 355,000 M2. It currently consists of 64 departments (Clinical, Radiological and Laboratory-based), 89 Wards, 102 Nursing Units and boasts the largest Health care center in south Zhejiang province. It is enhanced by the profound sense of commitment and advanced facilities including PET/CT, 5 MRI of 3.0T and 1.5T , 6 3D-DSA, etc. In 2017, it handled nearly 4,414,000 outpatient & emergency visits, admit approximately 162,000 inpatients and performed more than 85,000 operations, ranking top in Zhejiang province. 

FHWMU embraces a glorious history after nearly a century's commitment. In 1953, it carried out the first craniotomy for bullet removal in Zhejiang province. In 1963, it carried out the first re-plantation of severed limb in Zhejiang province. In 1959, logarithmical vision test card was invented. In 1978, logarithmical vision test card was accredited as the national standard (GB11533-89) and won the Ward at the National Conference on science and technology. In 1985, it carried out first kidney transplant surgery followed by Liver transplantation, heart transplantation, combined liver and kidney transplantation etc. In 1990s, it carried out the allogenic bone marrow transplantation. In 2001, it established Reproductive Medicine Center,among the first in vitro fertilization (IVF) centers (five centers total) of the nation accredited by the Ministry of Health of China; it can carried out all the minimally invasive surgeries.It has more than 32 key disciplines and 9 key laboratories at national and provincial level, and establishes cooperative relationships with more than 64 universities, scientific research institutions and hospitals.

FHWMU has been accredited as national clinical training center for general medical practitioner, national clinical training center for residents, national clinical training center for specialists, national clinical training center for endoscopic technology. As a teaching hospital, it boasts programs at all levels of education for both domestic and international students, including postdoctoral training programs, doctoral training programs, graduate and undergraduate programs, in a wide range of specialties and sub-specialties. Authorized as the National Residents Training Center of the Health and Family Planning Commission of the P.R.C.